Published On: Wed, Jul 4th, 2018

eBay: 50p Battle of Britain coin selling for whopping £2400 – is it really worth it?

A 50p coin has been listed on bidding site eBay for a staggering £2,400.

The coin, listed by seller ‘g_old_skool”, is available on a But It Now basis. Interested parties can also make an offer.

There is clearly interest in the Battle of Britain design coin, as it has received an average of two views an hour.

Describing the coin, the seller said: “VERY RARE collectable The Battle of Britain 1940 50p pence 2015 coin UK England.”

However, how rare is the coin really, and what is it’s history?

The coin was minted in 2015 to commemorate the Battle of Britain, and those who died and served in protecting the UK.

The coin was designed by Gary Breeze and had an initial mintage of 5,900,000.

On its website the Royal Mint regales the story of how the coin came to be: “In the summer of 1940 Britain faced the threat of invasion.

“It would fall to brave young pilots, and their crews, to protect the country’s defences – the Battle of Britain had begun.

“It was their finest hour – who can imagine the world today if they had failed in their task?

“75 years later, we honoured the few with a commemorative 50p, the only official United Kingdom coin to be struck for the anniversary.”

The name for the conflict was derived from a Winston Churchill speech in which he said “The Battle of France is over. I expect the Battle of Britain is about to begin”.

The design on the 50p coin features three airmen scrambling towards their planes.

According to scarcity index Change Checker, the Battle of Britain 50p is listed as “1”, which is common.

But plenty of people attempt to sell the design on eBay, and g_old_skool is not the first.

Another seller listed their Battle of Britain 50p coin for £2,250 recently.

Based in Walsall, “anisa09anisa” is also attempting to sell her coin.

The coin is listed as a “Very Rare The Battle of Britain 1940 50p 2015 Collectable” [sic], and is selling for 5,500 times its face value.

The description on the coin reads: “Very rare the Battle Of Britain 1940 50 pence coin! Excellent condition.”

With many other rare coins on her books, the seller boasts a 100 per cent positive feedback rating.

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