Published On: Tue, Apr 17th, 2018

Emmanuel Macron EU speech live: French president’s desperate bid to reform EU | World | News

The French president will push for a series of reforms to deeper integrate the bloc as part of his vision for a “profound transformation” leading to a future without Britain, post-Brexit.

The speech also marks a year since the EU poster boy swept to victory in the French presidential elections.

Mr Macron, 40, spearheaded plans for the further amalgamation of the bloc during his presidential election campaign, with the plot to ratchet up the federalisation of the 60-year-old bloc’s core economies.

His speech is expected to reflect the self proclaimed role Mr Macron took to overhaul the troubled EU in the wake of Britain’s momentous Brexit vote.


At the age of 39 he became the youngest president in the history of France and came to power with the promise of major political renewal.

However the former banker’s ambitious economic reforms have failed to get off the ground and instead the French president has faced strikes as he leads a crackdown on French workers and protests against his leadership.

The French had pinned their hopes on the centrist, seeing him as the reformist as an antidote to the populist wave washing over Europe.

But so far Mr Macron’s plans for the creation of new finance minister, budget and parliament for the Eurozone – an attempt to shore up the 19-member single currency have been slow to get off the ground.

The Frenchman is also calling for more common policies on defence, asylum, tax and even the creation of European universities.

Last night, Ukip’s Nigel Farage told that Mr Macron should “stop digging”.

He said: “When you’re in an EU centrist hole, stop digging.

“Macron obviously doesn’t yet understand that the future of Europe will be eurosceptic”.

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