Published On: Sun, May 13th, 2018

Eurovision 2018: SuRie accused of MIMING after stage invader’s act | UK | News

And it didn’t take 20-20 vision to spot that most or ALL of the other countries seemed to be miming too – with Moldova in particular obviously fluffing lines.

Miming is against official Eurovision rules.

After the SuRie attack fans took to social media with a mix of disbelief, shock and humour.

Some, including BBC One presenter Graham Norton, were left aghast by the vile protest which clearly undermined SuRie’s act, others focused their attention on the singer’s voice.

Twitter user Chris Houston snapped, asking: “WAS SHE MIMING? #GBR #eurovision”. 

Other social media users delivered more blistering attacks to the British performer.

Once left without the microphone, SuRie clapped along the music before she was given another one by a stage assistant, which sparked rumours about miming.

Harriet wrote: “Disappointed that the stage invasion in Eurovision now shows that the performers are miming.”

Alex Thomson added: “Brilliant miming for SuRie until the stage invader grabbed her microphone.” 

Twitter user Matthew chose to turn to irony to comment on the issue.

He wrote: “Turns out she was miming it. Thanks for pointing it out random guy on stage.”

But eagle-eyed Eurovision fans didn’t accuse only SuRie, as many claimed to have noticed other acts miming.

Tracy Canning wrote: A lot of miming tonight I think.”

And stunned Laura Del Rey asked: “Hang on! Is the Swede miming??” 

Eurovision prohibits miming in its rules.

The contest’s regulations read: “Artists shall perform live on stage, accompanied by a recorded backing-track which contains no vocals of any kind or any vocal imitations aiming at replacing or assisting the live/original voice of the Contestant(s).

“The Host Broadcaster shall verify respect for this rule.”

The stage invader is believed to be activist and rapper Dr A.C

During his brief act, he shouted on the microphone: “For the Nazis of the UK Media, we demand freedom.”

Following her performance, SuRie came third-last. 

She was given the chance to perform a second time but she turned it down saying there was “no reason” for her to take to the stage again.

Mr Norton, who was left stunned following the incident, said he was “afraid” the act had something to do with her positioning. 

He said: “I’m afraid SuRie, for all her braveness and professionalism came 24th.

“She really is a national heroine after tonight, it was extraordinary. I don’t know how she coped in those horrible circumstances.

“A lot of people will be watching her performance and cheering her on because she did a terrific job for the UK, and it’s shame that wasn’t reflected.”

The contest was won by Israeli singer Netta Barzilai and her pop song Toy.  

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