Published On: Sat, May 28th, 2016

Kill It With Tech: 12 Apps To Super Size Summer Fun

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Whether you?re hitting the beach or taking a road trip, there are myriad apps out there that will guarantee you are getting the most of the sunshine and summer bliss.

What follows are just a few apps we think might help with those important seasonal quandaries such as how to best commemorate a moment on social media and, more importantly, how to make that moment in the first place.

And, as always, feel free to toss out apps you love to use, because we want to make this a summer to remember.

Flipagram: You are undoubtedly familiar with Instagram. But you might not be aware of this similar app that lets you combine video and images with a wealth of current popular music.

Your friends will already be jealous of your destination, increase the feeling with a cinematic post.

Voyagic: Several major cities are featured on an app that will do just about all of the hard work when it comes to making a killer itinerary.

WINGiT: This will have you clued into those unheralded events that possibly only locals know about.

Happy Hour Finder: Just because you aren?t familiar with an area doesn?t mean you have to miss out on some great deals at the local watering hole.

Surfline: Find the absolute best breaks in your area with this popular surf app.

Bandsintown Concerts: When the sun goes down it?s time to head inside where the music is as plentiful as the local brews. This app will keep you updated on the best concerts in your area.

REI ? National Parks: Here?s your go-to app for the best hiking tails at various national parks. The best part is you can use it without a cell signal.

OpenTable: Ever since its update, OpenTable has become a fantastic app to explore a given area to find some intriguing and delicious dining options.

Hotel Tonight: Travel inspiration can be sudden and unexpected during the warm months. Make sure you have somewhere to lay your head.

RoadTrippers: Let this app be your guide as you bring the top down on the convertible and hit the open road:

Gas Guru: Of course, you will need to know where the nearest, cheapest gas might be.

The Outbound: If you prefer to travel by foot, this app will have you ambling through some truly stunning locales. Headlines

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