Published On: Mon, Feb 12th, 2018

Michael Fassbender is starring in a feature-length sequel to Kung Fury

The retro ’80s mash-up short Kung Fury made the improbable leap from kitschy Kickstarter project to the Cannes Film Festival, and now it will be getting a feature-length sequel starring Prometheus and Steve Jobs star Michael Fassbender. Variety reports that the creator and star of the original Kung Fury, David Sandberg, is also set to appear in the movie as the titular hero. David Hasselhoff, who had a role in the short, is also expected to return.

Kung Fury is an homage to 1980s martial arts films, and features a nonsensical plot fitting of the time. As The Verge explained after the film’s Cannes premiere in 2015: “After being bitten by a cobra and struck by lightning at the same time as his police partner was chopped in half by a sword-wielding kung fu master, Kung Fury is working as a cop in 1985-era Miami … His mission takes him on a quest through cyberspace, before ending in a climatic showdown in a secret underground bunker that pits dinosaurs, Norse gods, and cyborg hackers against Hitler and an army of his gas-masked goons.” The sequel, which will likely be just as insane, will begin shooting this summer.

The announcement of Fassbender’s involvement comes hours after The Daily Beast has raised physical abuse allegations against the star stemming from 2010. Drawing upon court filings from the time, the report details domestic abuse that allegedly took place against Fassbender’s former girlfriend Sunawin Andrews. The allegations previously surfaced in a TMZ report from March of 2010.

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