Published On: Wed, May 16th, 2018

Royal wedding: How Meghan Markle and Harry will plan around Dad’s heart attack news | Life | Life & Style

Meghan Markle, 36, will marry Prince Harry, 33, this weekend in an event that will be watched worldwide.

On 4 May Kensington Palace confirmed Meghan’s father Thomas Markle, 73, would walk her down the aisle.

The palace said in a statement: “Mr. Markle will walk his daughter down the aisle of St George’s Chapel.”

However, the former-cinematographer has now said he will not be at the wedding due to health problems.

Meghan Markle’s dad told TMZ he would have heart surgery on Wednesday. 

He said: “They [doctors] will go in and clear blockage, repair damage and put a stent where it is needed.”

How might Meghan and Harry’s plans for their wedding day change after learning about the news?

Sam and Lisa Johnson, wedding planners from Carmela Weddings, told “Meghan will already be feeling a certain amount of pressure, even taking into account her understanding of media exposure.

“Unfortunately, Meghan is having to deal with expectations from her future in-laws and the news that her father will not be attending will undoubtedly be raising some eyebrows.

“Like most young girls, she has doubtless dreamt of having her dad walk her down the aisle, so she will also be dealing with this disappointment on a personal level, whilst having to maintain the face of calm and poise that will be seen by billions around the globe.”

However, the experts revealed how Meghan can stay calm during her big day.

They said: “I would advise her that although this is a wedding unlike any other, it is still her and Harry’s day and to remember that nothing will change the way she feels about her husband to be.

“We always advise our couples to find twenty minutes at some point in the day for just the two of them when they can take a breath and step back from the madness!”

Practically, however, there will be some big changes to the day.

“There will also be the practicalities of the big day to manage – for example the table plan would have been set months ago and will require some careful and diplomatic amendments!” the experts added.

Who will walk Meghan down the aisle on her big day now?

The experts revealed there are numerous options.

They said: “It is not without precedence at Royal Weddings for the bride’s father not to carry out this role, and as we know Meghan is not a traditionalist, I feel she will not be overly unnerved by the public perception.

“If her mother does the honours, it will be a fitting demonstration of the amazing relationship that they share.

“Meghan has made it clear since day one that this is a modern royal romance and whilst she absolutely respects the traditions, she is a modern, intelligent woman with an eye on the future.”

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